The speaker list for BI Competence Forum 2014 consists of high level executives from leading global organizations, covering many industries in both B2B and B2C sector. The list of speakers will be revealed here shortly.


Download the agenda BI Competence Forum 2014 as a PDF file: BI Competence Forum 2014.pdf


“This is a wonderful occasion to be able to actually share with all the delegates that Business Analytics
is not only historical data, business systems and business intelligence. To some part that is important of course but it is also quite essential for tomorrow’s company to be able to add the component of analytics and sophisticated technology to able to thrive in the future business society.”
- Jonas Kjellstrand, Director Nordic IM, SAS Institute


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Video from our Stockholm event 2014

Beslutsstödsdagen 2014: January 30th 2014 from Birger Jarl Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden.

Embrace your Data

Most of the organizations are entering the final stage of The Chasm Period. By TDWI in order for an organization for cross this period, executives need to perceive BI as a business-driven, mission-critical enterprise resource. Today, organizations are turning to Business Intelligence to provide a competitive advantage such as predicting customer’s behavior, predicting sales and recommending future path to more improved Financial Performance, which is a clear indication that we are on the right path.

Change management and BI organizational alignment are still remaining to be a backbone of every good BI Strategy. Well executed BI Framework provides a broad overview of how different components of the BI strategy fit together to serve entire BI vision. It brings together the forces that drive business operations: people, processes, and technology in a collaborative environment. In the upcoming year we will see a lot of organizations focusing on aligning the strategy throughout the entire organization and getting the most ROI from their data.

Technology and trends are changing rapidly. Self-Service, In-Memory analytics, Content Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Flashy Dashboards, Mobile and Cloud BI and BIG DATA are only few of the trends that several years ago looked futuristic but now they are a part of everyone’s To-Do List. But in order to keep a track on the fast developing technologies, tools and trends, the organization needs to have well established Data Governance.

Last but not least - Corporate Performance Management - there is still need for transparency and simplifying Budgeting/ Forecast processes, Identifying right KPI´s and following up on those. Beyond Budgeting is no longer a standalone model but a wide implemented and looked upon strategy that if implemented can bring agility, continuous improvement and better corporate performance.

Warm welcome to BI Competence Forum 2014

Goran Cvetanovski, Editorial Director, Allchar

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Special program features – Tools to achieve your objectives

BI Café - Our ice-breaker morning session consists of small Round Tables hosting speakers, business partners and attendees. Participants will discuss the main challenges and cutting edge topics of the conference in a relaxed atmosphere. Let´s break the ice and get the show on the road!

Panel Discussion - Our interactive B2B panel will delve into the hot topics discussed in the preceding sessions. Panelists give their own thoughts and react to the audience’s questions.

BI Focus Seminars - BI Focus Seminars are focused master classes where, as a delegate, you are engaged in an interactive session with the speaker.

BI Executive Circles - Several round tables are set, each with a specific subtopic within Business Intelligence and each guided by a moderator.

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BI Competence Forum – Business Intelligence Conference Attendees

Researched & Developed for Heads / VPs / Executives / Directors of: Business Intelligence, Finance, IT, Business Controlling, Operations, Market Intelligence, Revenue Management, Product Development, Customer Intelligence, Supply Chain, Information, Knowledge Management, Competitive Intelligence, System Development

Industry presence: Manufacturing, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverages, Banking, Insurance, Transport, Logistics, HORECA, Clothing & Apparel, Services, Telecoms, FMCG, Publishing

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